The story

In summer 2010 Antti Kokkomäki suffered a painful loss as his dear friend and uncle, Juha, died suddenly. Juha taught Antti to play the guitar and left a boxful of his poems for his nephew. Antti used one of these poems to compose a song that was called Tammikuun Lapsi (The child of January).

Tammikuun Lapset

Antti Kokkomäki began to compose and write his music in Finnish, and at the end of the year 2011 Antti ensembled a band of his musician friends. The Tammikuun Lapset band consists of singer/violin player Tupuna Manner, singer/keyboardist Milja Mäkelä, guitarist Aleksi Näsänen, bass player Henri Sundberg and drummer Jaakko Vastapuu; all of them from various musical backgrounds.

Debut album 'Alaska'

Antti Kokkomäki & Tammikuun Lapset released its debut album 'Alaska' on the first of November 2013. The album is an interesting combination of traditional folk and modern pop music. The songs on the album reflect different kinds of emotions and atmospheres ranging from pictorial melancholy to rambunctious joy. After the album was released the band toured in Finland, Taiwan and Estonia to promote the new album.

Making of the second album

During the autumn 2015 Antti Kokkomäki & Tammikuun Lapset started working on songs for the second album. In January 2016 the band headed to Tupuna's parents' cabin at Somero for re-production. The actual album recordings kicked off at autumn 2016 and were finished by 2017. The first single 'Etana' from the upcoming album was released by Sulka Records on the 1st of September in 2017.